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The benefits of profiling for everyone

2 years ago | Lesley Calland

Our online psychometric assessment provides valuable insights into a person’s performance that goes beyond their skills and experience. Created by organisational psychologists, this behavioural analysis provides you with a profile report that looks at how someone is working and how they interact with others.

This process is designed to help you tap into someone’s true potential,  so that you can learn how to better manage, motivate and engage everyone for the long term.

It brings positivity to the team, by opening new discussions about how every one works at their best. You gain a new way of looking at each other and understand how to turn each others traits into assets to help improve performance.

Built on the backbone of the DISC model, based on the theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston in the 1920’s, this is becoming an increasingly popular tool amongst human resource professionals. It was been developed to learn more about oneself, more about others and how to deal with situations where interpersonal relationships are involved.

Identifying information such as a person’s strengths and present limitations, their communication style, their value to the business, what motivates them as well as identifying their basic fears, is proving to be invaluable in enabling better people decisions all round.

According to Gallup, the top reason employees leave positions is a lack of opportunity for career development, so being able to provide your employees focus and direction for their future development, creates shared responsibility for any progress they need to make.

To help bring about this new level of awareness, the profile reports highlight three key areas:

  1. SELF IMAGE : The employees preferred work style at this point in their working life.
  2. WORK MASK : How they feel they need to modify their behaviour  in order to be successful in their current role.
  3. BEHAVIOUR UNDER PRESSURE : How they are likely to react under stressful conditions.

But, why is that useful?  Organisations are keen for employees to be their natural self, comfortable and confident in their roles with high levels of resilience. Operating in balance brings about better performance. Knowing what affects that performance is key.

Not only that, getting the team right in the first place is one of the biggest challenges faced at present. We know that there is a massive shift in companies looking for evidence and analysis to support their people decision making process, gut reaction is no longer acceptable.  Having a tangible report that is the outcome of the employees own responses helps you quickly and easily see how to help them develop a new level of workplace happiness and success.

Having this background information helps to maximise learning and development budgets by saving time, focusing on the areas that you know people need, rather than assuming what they need.

“I’ve been constantly overlooked for promotion and couldn’t understand why. Thanks to the profiling, I get it. I’ve a lot to learn about leadership, but with my managers support I now have a good plan in place.’’ Linus, Floor Supervisor.

The LinkedIn workplace learning report 2022 found that 94% of surveyed employees responded that if a company invested in helping them learn, they would stay longer. The added benefits of profiling help with this from many different business angles.


  • Gives you insights on how to best support each employee to help them grow and perform at their best.
  • Helps you see when someone may struggle, so you can provide the right support at the right time.
  • Easier easier to manage stressful situations by knowing the triggers of impact on different people


  • Know who your ambassadors of change will be so that they can help you with any forward movement
  • Understand who will work well together and who won’t as you re-define the structure
  • Acknowledge who has the capacity for more and can be stretched


  •  Identify those who are on board with your mission and those who aren’t
  • Recognise which behaviours fit and align with your values
  • Greater awareness brings about better teamwork and collaboration


  • Gain greater certainty by easily seeing who would be a best fit with your existing team
  • Candidates will tell you what they think you want to hear whereas this can help you see for yourself what they need to succeed in your organisation.
  • Helps you to see if they are compatible with the role


  • Help leadership skills flourish with improved self awareness and awareness of others.
  • Improves communication as you understand each person’s preferred style of working.
  • Shows you are leading the way with personal development.

In my experience, I have profiled over 200 people. Of those, 95% said that the report was 95% accurate. The remaining 5% agreed it was a nearly a true reflection of them, but challenged one or two statements that they were uncomfortable with. These then proved to be the most valid areas to develop, once the coaching sessions took place.

“It was hard to read about how my behaviour changes under pressure, but I now appreciate the impact that has on everyone around me.  I instantly changed some of my bad habits and we all get on better as a result’’ Richard, Ops Director.

Packaged together with coaching, profiling embeds new ways of  seeing, being and doing. Giving the employee confidential time to discuss, explore and identify how they can develop and progress in the best way for them, opens the door to all types of conversations that will shape your succession plan and future growth together.

Interested in how this may help you and your team, just reach out. It’s good to talk.

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