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How to gain quick insight into how people behave at work

2 years ago | Lesley Calland

Discover and understand the strengths, challenges, and opportunities within your team in less than ten minutes with ‘DISC profiling’

DISC profiling gives an accurate insight into how people behave at work, allowing HR professionals and business leaders to gain greater certainty when recruiting, and understand how to avoid major issues like staff turnover.

Designed to support teams embarking on a mission to change, profiling enables smarter decisions by providing valuable insights into an employee’s performance that goes way beyond skills and experience.

Using four main profile factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance, Thomas’ Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) provides information on an assessment taker’s fears, motivators, values and behaviours.

Created by organisational psychologists, this analysis provides you with a profile report that amongst many other factors identifies how an individual works at their best, how they cope with pressure and how they interact with others.

Find out what is and isn’t working

Receiving feedback and exploring the findings in an hour-long coaching session, provides an opportunity to explore the results in a confidential personal setting.

Further coaching helps embed the learning and development and a Teams Audit can help you appreciate how to collectively get the best out of everyone

This analysis can help provide a truly open perspective on what’s working and what’s not for everyone in that group.

Open-up discussions with your team

By providing your team members with one of the best tools to develop a new level of self-awareness and reflection, it opens-up discussions to encourage shared accountability for their own progress and levels of happiness and success at work.

This process is therefore designed to help you tap into someone’s true potential so that you can learn how to better manage, motivate and engage everyone long term.

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The online profiling assessment takes less than ten minutes to complete

Profile reports – see beneath the surface of a CV

There are many benefits to individual profiling reports, the main ones being:

1. Recruitment – bring in new hires who can hit the ground running.

For new recruits, profiling provides an insight into who they really are and how they will fit with your culture. Interviews allow recruits to tell you what they think you want to hear, whereas profiling will tell you what you need to know. In addition, it helps by

  • Seeing beneath the surface of their CV
  • Predicting performance and workplace behaviours
  • Identifying their training needs
  • Approaching onboarding in the best way for them

2. Retention – better support existing employees.

For current team members, profiling provides you and them with a whole new way of understanding why they do the things that they do. Everyone gains an appreciation of what makes their colleagues tick and the impact they have on the different styles within the team by:

  • Understanding how to get the best out of them
  • Knowing what their needs will be at times of pressure
  • Training them in the right way
  • Building trust and collaboration
  • Appreciating the value they add to the team

3. Leadership – Improved development strategy

For managers, profiling provides a clearer picture of what each individual needs from them as leaders. It boosts leadership purpose and performance through newfound levels of confidence that the right decisions are being made for everyone, helping with:

  • Nurturing in-house talent to identify future leaders
  • Knowing your ambassadors for change
  • Removing potential barriers and conflict within their team
  • Equipping managers to best engage and motivate the workforce
  • Specific targeting of key growth areas

Identify and address limitations in your team

Linking selected individual profiles, this report can identify a team’s working strengths and the roles they play in making the team work, as well as the daily challenges they may all face as a group. This is a useful way to promote alignment, better appreciation of what togetherness looks like and identify future recruitment needs.

This activity can answer many questions such as:

  • What role does each person play within the team?
  • Where are the possible areas of limitation in the team?
  • How can you address those limitations?
  • Are you playing to the strengths of each team member?
  • Where could conflict be occurring?
  • Is there a skills gap, and are there any training needs?
  • What leadership style will best motivate and inspire the team towards high performance?

How do we know we can trust this information? 

The Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) has been subject to rigorous scientific testing to determine its reliability and validity as a psychological assessment. The PPA is registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) after it was audited against the technical criteria established by the European Standing Committee on Tests and Testing, part of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations.

Find out more

The myonlinecoach profiling package is delivered in partnership with Thomas International, a global leader in workplace assessments. To find out more about how we can help you to get the best out of your teams get in touch here or email

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