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Find yourself not speaking the truth?

2 years ago | Lesley Calland

How often do you find that your mouth says one thing, but your internal dialogue to yourself, says another?
On the outside, you may look like a regular person to everyone, looking like everything is going well, but on the inside, you are probably experiencing life in a very different way to how you come across to others.

What do I mean by this? Well, when someone asks you how you are, how often do you say, ‘’oh yes all’s good thanks’’, when what you really want to say is, ‘’I’m not sleeping’’ or ‘’I’m stressed’’, or ‘’I’ve not been feeling too good’’ or ‘’I’m worried about work’’.

We are all capable of saying those things out loud, but what stops us? What stops you from telling the truth? Usually these questions playing around in your head….

  • Are the people who asked you ready for a fuller response?
  • Do they genuinely have time to listen?
  • Will revealing your true feelings make them feel uncomfortable?
  • Does sharing how you feel, push people away?
  • Will they judge you and see you as weak?

We also worry that other may not understand. Understanding does not come easy for many. Why? Because they usually have problems too that they are keeping inside.

Listening can also be hard. Why? Because we are all busy, and time committed to you, is time most people can’t afford to give.

Does it mean they don’t care? No, of course not. What it usually mean is that you are sharing with the wrong person at the wrong time.

Coaches are trained to listen. Coaches are trained to help you put things in perspective. Coaches are there for you, no matter what. No judging, no distractions, just pure space to share, listen, reflect and to learn how you can get your internal and external dialogue aligned.

Being at one brings confidence. Being at one brings control. Being at one, boosts your self-esteem and ability to be more resilient to the next challenge that you might face.

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