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Press Release – Manchester based start-up launches on-demand coaching platform

2 years ago | mom_admin

myonlinecoach is a new online and on-demand platform providing one-to-one access to more than 100 of the UK’s best workplace coaches for businesses and organisations.

Founder Lesley Calland, a top workplace coach herself, collaborated with The Start Up Factory in Manchester to develop the quick and easy to use platform. The expert-led coaching that it delivers can support all employers and employees with their self-development and help raise performance levels across teams.

With many companies now operating hybrid or remote working models, myonlinecoach gives workplaces a fast and effective means to connect, strengthen and grow. The company’s mission is to make coaching more accessible to working individuals and boost what they call the 3 P’s, performance, progression and purpose. Believing they can enormously benefit the increasing number of hybrid and remote workforces, myonlinecoach is also keen to work with high-growth companies experiencing the additional challenges brought by fast change.

Founder of myonlinecoach Lesley Calland said

“During the pandemic, there was such a demand for me to coach online that I needed to identify a scalable solution to support more people. I wanted a platform that would be there for employees when they needed it, and for their employers, who wanted to be supportive.

“Helping people develop their own level of workplace happiness and success is one of the key aspects to supporting mental wellbeing and creating a less stressful, yet focused and productive environment.”

Based in the centre of Manchester, myonlinecoach can support any type of business or organisation located anywhere in the UK and overseas via the online platform.

Bespoke, a digital agency in Chorley recently used myonlinecoach for their core team of twelve people.

Bespoke CEO Steve Brannan said about the platform:

“It was quick and easy with no fuss, our team could set up their sessions to suit their schedules by logging in and arranging their own appointments. Being remote meant they could hold their sessions confidentially on a day they were working from home.”

myonlinecoach has also partnered with Thomas International – a global leader in psychometric assessments and is now offering DISC profiling, also online and on-demand. Designed to support teams embarking on a mission to change, the profiling helps leaders make smarter decisions by providing valuable insights into an employee’s performance. This can be offered as part of a complete package with coaching sessions.

To find out more visit or visit the LinkedIn page for latest news, articles and insights.

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