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Are you addicted to under achievement?

3 years ago | Lesley Calland

Settling for where you are is a perfectly respectable strategy if you feel that you have a high level of work satisfaction and you are very happy with life. But most of you aren’t, you tell me so!

Change is hard, I hear you say! Of course it is! It means that you have to do something different, something outside of your norm, something way outside your comfort zone and that is scary. Scary because there may be tough decisions that you have to make, there may be tough conversations you have to have and there will certainly be challenging risks ahead.

This addiction to underachievement drives those negative thoughts. It is the key factor that tells you it’s easier to carry on the way you are and avoid doing any of those things right?

But, what if you are wrong? What if you allow those decisions, those conversations, those risks to be exciting? What opportunities could you be opening yourself up to? Suddenly, they may expose you to the motivation you have been looking for, for you to raise your bar.

So, settling for less than what your potential can achieve, to me seems criminal. OK that’s a harsh word, but if you know you can be better at what you do and feel happier, what stopping you?

Well actually, that’s a trick question. I usually know why you are hesitating. ‘now doesn’t seem like the right time’ is usually the excuse you give. I know that you may feel this is not your moment, but, when will it be? Put it off and I warn you, regret eats away at your conscience.

Let’s be honest here. If you are reading this, I know you are looking for answers as to what’s missing in your life. Or why others seem to have more luck than you. Well, good news, those intuitive thoughts and feelings that you have now are the trigger to let you know that you are ready. It is your minds way of telling you that if you don’t change something, your life isn’t ever going to change and remember, where you are is not where you want to be!

So, ‘what are you waiting for?’ is the first question. The second is ‘you don’t have to do this on your own, who can you turn to for help?’

I am certainly hoping that is one of us. We are trained to look beyond the excuses and be the sounding board for your hopes, fears and ideas. We are kind enough to be non-judgmental or critical of what you want to do and we are certainly caring enough to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew! Our questions will help bring clarity and our observations will give you confidence.

All addiction starts in the mind and confidence is the biggest driver for change. Doesn’t that sound much better? Believing you can rather than saying you can’t?

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